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BIBURY Multi-Tool

A Hands-On Review

There are a million reasons you may need a really affordable multi-tool for your next hike.

You know you won’t get tip-top quality at a low price point, but you need to find one that’s solid enough to get the job done (and maybe even help you out of a tough spot sometime).

Given the litany of options on the market that claim to fit this bill, it can be tough to wade through the mess.

So we’re making it easy: Get the BIRBURY 18-in-1 EDC Multi-Tool for your next hike.

No, it’s not perfect.

But it’s the best one we’ve found at a sub-$20 price point.

Check it out.

Quick Take for Those in a Hurry:

We think that the BIBURY could be a wonderful option for those seeking a “just in case tool.” However, backpackers who intend to use a multi-tool frequently will obviously be better off spending an extra 20 or 40 dollars and upgrading to a Leatherman or Gerber.

BIBURY Multi-Tool: The Basics

B. Team

What? You’ve never heard of BIBURY?

Don’t worry — we hadn’t either. And honestly, that’s a pretty common phenomenon when browsing for bargain-priced items. Many easily reproducible designs end up being cranked out by a litany of Chinese manufacturers and marketed by different retailers.

It is quite possible that these won’t even be available in the not-too-distant future. These kinds of manufacturers and retailers often struggle to stick around.

But of the thousands of cheap multi-tools we considered, this one stands head-and-shoulders above the crowd.

And its reviews echo our sentiments.

Simply put, this is a solid, durably built (if somewhat-crude) multi-tool that’ll serve cash-strapped campers well.

It comes with most of the basic tools similarly priced options do, as well as a few you don’t even see on high-end camping multi-tools.

Some of the individual components leave a little to be desired, but by-and-large, this is a pretty decent multi-tool for the price.

BIBURY Multi-Tool Specs & Features

B. Team

Two things will immediately come to mind when looking at the BIBURY Multi-Tool’s specs: It is kinda big, and it’s kinda heavy.


  • Weight:  11.4 oz.   
  • Closed Length: 4.4”
  • Open Length: 6.8”
  • Blade Length: 3″    
  • Width: 1.8″  
  • Overall Thickness: 0.8″

Important Features:

  • Made from 420 stainless steel
  • Handle is titanium plated
  • Knife blade locks into place
  • Comes with carrying case

BIBURY Multi-Tool: Included Tools

B. Team

BIBURY markets this product as an 18-in-1 multi-tool.

However, we don’t really like the way they characterize the slate of tools it includes.

For example, we don’t really agree that it has three different types of pliers — it’s really just a regular plier with a slightly narrower tip that could (generously) be described as a needle-nose plier.

Conversely, we actually think that — when properly characterized — this multi-tool includes more tools than it’s advertised as having.

In our honest assessment, this is a 20-in-1 multi-tool.

You can see the manufacturer’s list on the left; our list is on the right.

BIBURY’s Tool List

  1. Needle Nose Plier
  2. Standard Plier
  3. Saw
  4. Pipe Grip Plier
  5. Cable Cutter
  6. Four in one Screwdriver
  7. Bottle /Can Opener
  8. Wrench
  9. Scale
  10. Nail File
  11. Ruler
  12. Wire Cutter
  13. Rope Cutter
  14. Multifunction Knife
  15. Safety hammer
  16. Safety lock
  17. Slotter Screwdriver
  18. Screwdrivers holder

Our Tool List

  1. Needle nose plier
  2. Pipe grip plier
  3. Wire Cutters
  4. Window breaker
  5. Saw
  6. Cord cutter
  7. Small flathead screwdriver
  8. Medium flathead screwdriver
  9. Small Phillips head screwdriver
  10. Medium Phillips head screwdriver
  11. Bottle opener
  12. Can opener
  13. Ruler
  14. File
  15. 1.6 mm wire stripper
  16. 2.0 mm wire stripper
  17. 2.8 mm wire stripper
  18. 6 wrench
  19. 7 wrench
  20. 8 wrench

Our Experiences with the BIBURY Multi-Tool

B. Team

After unboxing the BIBURY, giving it a once over and taking some initial measurements, we started putting it through its paces.

Aside from the included carrying case, which is surprisingly robust, the very first thing we noticed about the BIBURY is its weight — this is a pretty substantial multi-tool that weighs 3 full ounces more than any of the others we examined closely.

So, right off the bat, this is a poor choice for ounce-counters. But you could tell that from the Amazon page, so that’s not exactly ground-breaking info.

But honestly, when you’re talking about cheap multi-tools, weight can be indicative of quality — or at least durability. And that tracks in the case of the BIBURY. It’s built like a (cheap) tank, and the tools are all pretty darn solid.

And don’t forget, this thing comes with a ton of tools. In fact, it has more than any other one we tested.

As for those tools, they all did their job, more-or-less.

  • The pliers — including both the round and needle nose sections — provide a good strong grip on whatever you’re trying to grab, and the cutters even work well enough for most trailside-level tasks.
  • The knife blade is about as sharp as you’d expect from a budget-caliber multi-tool. It’s serviceable, nothing more. But it does lock into place (as do almost all of the tools), which is nice.
  • The saw is OK. It’ll get through a stick if need be, but you’re going to have to work for it.
  • The cord (rope) cutter is pretty darn good. It made very quick work of paracord, and it offers some convenience (and safety) that a simple knife blade can’t in some applications.
  • The ruler uses metric units, specifically centimeters. That’s no problem for those comfortable with the metric system, but imperial unit aficionados may want to bone up on some conversion formulas.
  • The single file is serviceable if you’re trying to grind down a thumbnail; it’s not going to be immensely helpful grinding down a sharp metal nail.
  • We didn’t test the “safety hammer,” which is really a window breaker. But we have no reason to believe it won’t work like a champ, were you to find yourself in a situation that required you to break out of an automobile. It’s actually a bit sharper than you’d think, and it’s pretty heavy.
  • The driver receptacle works fine, as do the bits. The storage system is even pretty well designed and works well. The problem, however, is that the bits are on the small side.
  • The wire strippers are actually pretty good, though this will be of limited value to the average hiker.
  • The box wrenches do their job, though we’d hate to rely on them for anything resembling regular use. The “nested” design is clever, but it gums up the works a bit.
  • The can opener worked, but we’d hate to have to use it while hungry and stranded on a trail somewhere. But it is surprisingly sharp.
  • The bottle opener is honestly a little small, but it’ll get tops off of bottles without issue. Though to be honest, you could just use the pliers if you wanted.

Overall, given the fact that it doesn’t even cost twenty bucks, we think the BIBURY provides pretty good value.

It isn’t an incredible pleasure to use, but it’s more comfortable in the hand than some of the others we used. As mentioned up top, we’d consider it great for emergencies or jams, but it wouldn’t be especially fun to use regularly.

The BIBURY Multi-Tool: Pros & Cons

B. Team

Overall, the BIBURY Multi-Tool has several great features and only a handful of legitimate drawbacks.

It lacks the quality of high-end multi-tools, but the same could be said of every other budget-priced multi-tool on the market. You just can’t get a $100 quality in a $20 product.

It’s also pretty heavy, but you can’t carry a bunch of tools without paying a ton for lightweight materials and design features.

Also, it really isn’t geared toward outdoor recreation.

It’s kind of a weird hybrid design, which has tools you’d typically see in multi-tools designed for electricians (wire strippers, removable screwdriver bits, wire cutters and wrenches) and emergency responders (window breaker and the cord cutter, which may work well as a seatbelt cutter).

However, on the plus side, this is a really well-built, feature-packed and affordable multi-tool that’ll serve you well if you don’t mind carrying a bit more weight.

It has almost all of the tools you’d want for your next trip (though we’d love if it included a fire starter and some scissors), and it features a locking blade — something that’s pretty rare at the bargain-priced end of the multi-tool spectrum.

And it even comes with a little belt-worn carrying case.

BIBURY Multi-Tool Pros

  • Very affordably priced
  • Durable and heavy-duty
  • It’s loaded with individual tools
  • Cord cutter may be helpful on the trail
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Locking knife blades are rare at this price

BIBURY Multi-Tool Cons

  • Not specifically designed for trail use
  • It’s heavy
  • The knife blade could be sharper

User Reviews: What Do Others Think of the BIBURY Multi-Tool?

OK, so we obviously think the BIBURY Multi-Tool is a great option, thanks to its combination of durability and a slate of helpful tools, combined with its low price point.

But what about others?

We’ve rounded up some of the most interesting comments and user reviews below.

By and large, the reviews were overwhelmingly positive.

these units IMO are comparable to what I see with leatherman Tools

Amazon Reviewer Dsimon3387

 I’ve purchased knock off Leatherman before and they’re usually trash. Not this one. I use this almost every day.

Amazon Reviewer MattyICE

It works just as well as any other multitool but at a great price. The tools are accessible without having to open up the pliers, which is nice, as the knife can be deployed like any folding knife.

Amazon Reviewer C. He

There were, however, a few complaints that seemed relatively common.

After Only opening the case a handful of times the material tore just above the button.

Amazon Reviewer BRMc

I have my doubts on the plastic belt hook over time

Amazon Reviewer Devin Maldonado

And at least one reviewer took issue with the weight, echoing our sentiments:

It’s maybe *too* heavy.

Amazon Reviewer Brian A. Cappello

Bottom Line: Is the BIBURY Multi-Tool Worth It?

Yes. Unequivocally.

This thing costs less than twenty buck, so don’t expect the kind of quality you’d expect from LEATHERMAN, Gerber, Nextool, or SOG. The craftsmanship just isn’t at that level.

For that matter, the design leaves plenty of things to be desired, and it’s pretty heavy too.

It also has a bunch of stuff the average hiker or camper won’t need (with wire strippers being the perfect example).

But if you need a knife, cable cutter, pliers, saw or a can opener on the trail, this thing has you covered.

If you have 10 more bucks, you’ll be much better off buying a Gerber Suspension-NXT.

But if every dollar counts, this one will get the job done.

Best Budget-Friendly Camping Multi-Tool
BIBURY Multitool

Incredibly affordable yet highly rated, this multi-tool is perfect for beginning campers and comes with 18 different useful tools.



Do you have a BIBURY Multi-Tool? Have you been using it for very long? What are your general impressions?

Let us know your thoughts — as well as any questions we may not have answered — in the comments below.

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